Not Clowns, But Equally Entertaining...

Can Suzanne fit:
one adult
two boys
a 14 person tent
two air mattresses
three sleeping bags
three camp chairs
two tables
a camping tub o' stuff
a cooler/water and food
a camp stove
and toiletries
and her laptop and reading material, should she be too far from internet connectivity

into a 2004 Beetle?

If so, the pictures will be posted after the weekend of camping.

So far so good-the tent, camping chairs, sleeping bags and air mattresses are in the back of the car. I honestly wish I had a smaller cooler right now, because I don't really have that much in the way of refrigerated items this go round.

Gotta make an entry for Ed to post tomorrow. Apparently, the prospect of guest blogging on my blog scares him. I'd tell him you guys don't bite, but I don't think he would believe it.

Everything but the people are in, and they'll fit easily. Here's the proof!

In case you didn't believe me that I could actually put the people in the VW with all that stuff, this was at the campsite last night!


better you than me, dear.

I felt like superwoman when I actuallly was able to set up the tent in my back yard.
jellybuns said…
"Back in the day" DH and I started tent camping driving his yellow two seater sports car-with tent and ice chest on the trunk rack and all the other stuff crammed inside!We eventually upgraded to camping in our van -during the groovy van era!
Saffa Chick said…
Oh it's a NEW beetle ;-). Is the engine in the front these days? That makes for far more storage - I was trying to picture you getting all that into an old beetle!

Milord isn't into camping, but I'm sure I can talk him round once we have kids!
Suzanne said…
SB, I actually like camping now!

JB, I can see you doing both! Like, wow, man!

Saffa, yes, the engine is in the front now-that's the number one question from men over a certain age!

Amazing what people will do to make the kids happy, so there's hope for Milord!

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