What's For Dinner Wednesday

In a few minutes, I'll be starting my preparations for tomorrow.
Apple and Cherry Cobbler, Broccoli Bake, Sweet Potato Casserole and maybe some Glazed Carrots. We'll be going around the block to the in laws, and the Turkey deal they got is heavy on the starches. I figured I'd *try* to balance that with a veggie or two. I'll probably make the ABCD salad before we go, too.

So, tonight, I tried to make a meal that didn't have a single thing we'd eat tomorrow. Steak, green beans and a homemade Gratin. This time, the gratin was half swiss and half cheddar-and Gameboy ate it. As is typical, if I deconstruct a dish into its components (especially if they're all things he likes), then he decides that he'll finally try it.

For instance, I showed him the Mornay sauce I was making and asked him if he knew what it was. His response "That's what you make when you make macs and cheese!" Next, I showed him the thin slice potatoes and voila, he finally realized that I wasn't hiding nasty ingredients he was afraid of in the tray of goodness.

The only bad part of this is that Chef, Ed and I will have one more person to split the gratin with. that's okay if it means I've got one more thing that Gameboy wil eat!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully, the table will have those you love around it and food you enjoy upon it!


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