Following Orders, the MeMe Edition

I am so very happy that Sarah is back from the wilds of Texas and has decided to participate in NoBloMoHos 2008! (Yeeehaaaaaawwww!). I'm gunning for both of us to hit BlogHer next year, because I call dibs on having Sarah as my roommate!

My sister from anotha mother, as we've called it, has tagged me with a MeMe, so I have to follow orders, right? Soundtrack Sunday will follow in a bit, in case you were worried I was wimping out on you.

Without further ado, the scintillating tidbits of Suzanne:

* Where is your mobile phone? Right next to the laptop, blissfully silent, though it's due for a round of Phone Dag with Donna, the other exciting game I play

* Where is your significant other? In front of his computer, collecting all the drinks I sent him on Facebook!

* Your hair colour? A blend of Wella 446 and 6R, due for a touchup

* Your mother? Missed so much

* Your father? Gone before his time (Sarah's statement, but it fits perfectly)

* Your favorite thing? Thing? The laptop, though it's pissing me off with the key failures lately.

* Your dream last night? Usually I can tell you, today-no clue.

* Your dream goal? To finish my college degree and own a home again.

* The room you’re in? The living room.

* Your hobby? Reading, writing, cooking, photography and shuttling kids to scout meetings.

* Your fear? Not finding a job.

* Where do you want to be in six years? In a home I own, with a degree or two, able to afford to travel.

* Where were you last night? At home, after a day with the family at the R/C Air show.

* What you’re not? Cute, rich or thin.

* One of your wish-list items? A new laptop (see recent posts about keyboard transplant)

* Where you grew up? Lawn Guyland, New Yawk. No man is a guyland.

* The last thing you did? Emailed Aquatica in the hopes that the pendant I just realized is missing fell off the chain somewhere other than in one of the pools...

* What are you wearing? A Stitch's Disobedience School T-shirt, a pair of denim capris and the appropriate underpinnings.

* Your TV? A new to us Proscan, swapped with Bob and Maureen for the upright freezer that was pointless to own when we've got two refrigerators.

* Your pets? Imaginary.

* Your computer? an HP pavillion laptop purchased in 2005.

* Your mood? Distressed that I lost the first mother's day gift I got from Ed and Gameboy.

* Missing someone? Donna, Giggles and her family and my parents.

* Your car? My Beetle. I love it.

* Something you’re not wearing? Shoes.

* Favourite shop? Wegmans, Williams Sonoma, and Indigo Coffee.

* Your summer? Spent at a job that was a waste.

* Love someone? Heck, yeah.

* Your favourite colour? Blue, preferably cobalt blue, but any blue is good.

* When is the last time you laughed? On the way into Aquatica, because Chef was out of the car and up the entrance walkway before I'd even opened my car door.

* Last time you cried? Want to cry now about losing the pendant, but it takes a lot for me to cry. Probably the day I lost the job.

If you want to do this one, go right ahead!


Saffa Chick said…
You drive a Beetle!? Coooool...

I was a Mini girl myself once apon a time.

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