Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Today, I tell of a free gift, thanks to a band I can't stand!

Dr. Pepper doubted that Guns N Roses could not get their act together and release Chinese Democracy at all in 2008. There were numerous delays to the street date for the disc. (Which really, really upset me, you know?). They decided to challenge G N R, stating that they'd give a free Dr. Pepper to every man, woman and child if they got their act together and put the album out.

Anyway, there is a firm street date of November 23rd. And Dr. Pepper is paying up!

Go to their website on November 23rd ONLY and register to get your coupon for a free Dr. Pepper.

I still won't buy the album!


ligirl said…
Awww, man! Not a big fan of G n' R, but I like them better than Dr. Pepper! Just never cared for it. I hate to pass up a freebie, though...maybe I'll go to the website and just get one and hang onto it for you!
also not a G 'n' R fan...though my kidlet is.
Joyce-Anne said…
For some reason, my earlier response didn't take. Essentially, I wrote that last night Tim and I sang some jingles for our oldest child. I can't believe we forgot to include "I'm a pepper, he's a pepper, she's a pepper - wouldn't you want to be a pepper too?..."

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