Fridge Friday

has always done this, and I thought it was cool. So I'm joining in!

The fridge may look somewhat empty, but that's because we have two. This one is the landlord's. It's a good fridge, but it's sized great for a single guy-and tiny for a family of four that likes to cook.

I'm at my picture max at Flickr, so you're not going to get the boxes on the picture. Instead, you get a row by row detail. Lucky you!
On the top shelf: sour cream, Golden Tango Cream (Bailey's on steroids, my friends), minced garlic, horseradish, three types of mustard and Hellman's (the only mayo that will enter this house). Yes, I like mustard and if it doesn't have horseradish in it, I will add my own.

Second shelf: Eggs, caramel apple dip, red curry paste and 8 jars of jellies, jams and preserves, including the lovely Lingonberry from Ikea

Third shelf: Is occupied by a lonely bottle of PRP 2004 Nahe Auslese. One word: YUM. Oh, and that is one of two bottles of white in this house-we've been converted

Deli Drawer: Feta, Asiago, Mozzerella, Extra Sharp Cheddar and some Port Wine spread. No, we don't like cheese. For something completely different, we have bacon, too.

Bottom Shelf: Italian bread and a gallon of Lemonade

Produce drawers: Lots of onions and apples, some carrots, celery and romaine and a loaf of bread

In the door: yeast, Scharffenberger, butter, way too many salad dressings, not enough hot sauces, worchestershire, teriyaki and ketchup (only Heinz for Ed, thanks), A Bailey's knockoff that tastes like vanilla and vodka, Milk, Rojo Sangria Mix, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon Juice and a big honkin' jug of Salsa.

Next week, should I post another picture, not much on the door will change, but you'll probably see a lot more leftovers on the shelves. I cleaned house today...


Amy said…
Ah, I see you shop at WalMart and Costco! We totally have a lot of butter after the S.O. goes to Costco. I was just cheating by posting my parents' fridge. :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Suzanne said…
Wal Mart is around the corner, so they work in a pinch. Alas, I let the Costco membership expire (sigh). They're 30 miles away.

Next time, it's your fridge, okay?

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