Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Songs around the campfire.

Last night, we enjoyed a nice, big fire while camping. The kids performed, there was a brief ceremony honoring veteran and songs were sung. Great voice or not, it is absolutely adorable to hear the kids get up and sing.

Chef got up and sang the ABC song, mainly because he couldn't convince me to get up and do the moosebutter "Alphabet Song" with him. I later told him we could work on finding out every sound, so that perform it properly!

Songs were equally simple, but heartfelt. That's one of the perks of attending these things, seeing the kids get comfortable enough that they'll risk potential embarrassment to tell a joke or sing a song. I tend to give a lot more applause for the singers, because sharing that with people is tougher.

Our cubmaster and several of her girl scouts (she's a leader for them, too) performed a song most of us never heard before-and we were teasing her about it this morning when she was asked to sing at the Scout's Own service this morning.

Have you heard the Bubblegum Song?

My daddy gave me a penny
he said to buy a henny
but I didn't buy a henny
I bought me some...
Bazooka zooka bubble gum.

My daddy gave me a nickel
he said to buy a pickle
but I didn't buy a pickle...

My daddy gave me a dime
he said to buy a lime
but I didn't buy a lime...

My daddy gave me a quarter
he said to buy a porter
but I didn't buy a porter...

My daddy gave me a dollar
he said to buy a collar
but I didn't buy a collar...

My daddy gave me a five
he said to stay alive
but I didn't stay alive
I choked on my bubblegum
Bazooka zooka Bubblegum

It was accompanied by some choreography. Somehow, I suspect that the cubmaster will be hearing Bazooka Zooka Bubblegum for a looooong time!


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