When In Rome

Send your friends pictures!

Donna is traveling for work (finally!) and sent this picture yesterday to show she's really arrived. (A tour of Scandinavia a few months ago got canceled because of a canceled connecting flight). I'm so glad she made it there, but the picture is all I can pull up.

Seems that the majority of texts (especially ones with more than one picture) that come my way get hosed in transit. I sent a text last week that I don't even know if it made it to the recipient. So, I sit with this gorgeous picture and wait patiently to hear reports of the lovely time I hope Donna is having when she returns next week.

Unless she texted to send a picture of some gorgeous, romantic guy to tell me that she's staying in Rome as a guest at his villa, then I probably won't hear from her and will have to try using my crappy texting phone to send her a text and fail miserably.

I think waterlogging my phone short circuited that feature. As I don't use texting, I have no idea if it was bolluxed up prior to Donna and Big Joe sending me texts with multiple pictures that I can't openf.


Amy said…
Hey, I was there in June! It was really handy that my cell phone worked, even if it did cost a pretty penny to use it. I think back to a trip 10+ years ago w/o one, trying to meet someone in a London airport... how did we ever manage it?

Nice to meet someone else who doesn't text. I'm just too cheap.
Suzanne said…

I used to use AIM on the old, old, old phone. Ed and I maybe send a text a year apiece.

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