Can You Spare Some Thoughts and Prayers?

A blogging friend, Sarah, lost her mom today. This comes close on the heels of losing her father back in March.

This song gave me great comfort when my Mom passed away. Sarah, my thoughts are with you right now as you travel back to Texas.

Echolyn's "Never the Same"

"Never The Same"
[Lyrics by Brett Kull]

WWhat can I say?
What can I do you for you?
Some are here for but a moment
Then are taken in an instant to eternity
Remember life and what's been shared with you
That you have shared

It's funny how we feel closer
With the ones that we love
When they're farthest away
You can feel them so near
Just 'round the corner the memory still clear

"Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there I did not die."
I say to you I will see you again
On the other side someday

"There's never endings only discovery,"
I tell myself over and over again
Some leave their mark in our hearts then go

It's hard to continue onward
When forever comes down it comes down so heavy
Too final to forget
You've got to believe there's something more

After the song is over
The dance goes on, so dance away
When all is said and done
Remember what's been given, not taken away
But you struggle and you strain
As the undertow pulls you down

The years will spare the rod and soften the hardest blow
...but I am never the same
With time comes a certain fading and erasing
...but I am never the same

In each man
There lies a start that has no end
A means to be more
A light that shines in its own special way

Left with cold distance
I'll always be with you
We weather the cycle
I'll always be there
So fragile to balance
Too potent to harness
Life charges past the mortal in man

Remember all the life you shared every day
There's never any endings
...but I'll never be the same


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