Always With the Seafood!

Next month, you'll get to hear me warble a favorite Christmas Carol at Citizen of the Month's Christmahanukwanzaakah Blogger Online Holiday Sing! I happened upon last year's event after it had been webcast, but bookmarked Neil's blog.

In a strange twist, Neil began following me on Twitter, and I clicked the link and realized that "Hey, this is the guy I saw last year with the concert!". I'm a more recent reader of his blog and let's just say his random musings remind me of a couple of you out there of the male persuasion.

Anyway, my choice was fairly easy, I quickly claimed "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel", which is technically an Advent song-but a beautiful one nonetheless. I began singing it frequently around the house, because I may just sing it in Soprano, rather than the usual Tenor.

Chef Junior has been enjoying this, and the other night, he starts requesting other Christmas carols he likes, namely the "Twelve Days of Christmas." We were in the car today after picking up popcorn and he disputes my use of five gold rings, insisting it's GOLDEN rings, Mom. (This is a nails on chalkboard thing for me, much like in the Star Spangled Banner, people add a note-grrrrr). Somehow, we start talking about what would HE want as gifts for the twelve days.

Shark Tails.
Crab Cakes.
Lobster Tails.

So, now, we're coming up with the Twelve Days of Seafood, and you never know, if you tune into Neil's webcast, you might just hear Chef and I sharing it with you.

It did open a Pandora's box, because the child now wants to make a list in Word of all the seafood he HAS tried to compare against the menus in restaurants. His goal for quite some time is to try everything edible in the ocean, but he wants to make sure he doesn't miss anything.

I suspect that this means we may come up with the appropriate twelve seafood items this year, and he'll go and change it next year to incorporate the new critters from the ocean he's eaten in 2009!


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