It's That Time Again

Time for the Greeblepix Photo Contest!

My entry this month is one you may have notice crop up in the sidebar:

Yeah, I know-it's me. How am I entering a picture of me? Well, when we went to the R/C Airshow at the beginning of the month, I tried to take a picture of me with Chef. Alas, I got some curly locks and my face, but hey, it's a picture of me-not one of everyone else in the family.

Considering how few pictures there are of the family photographer, I figured that merited an entry!

**I just noticed that this was my 900th post since starting the blog. Hmmm, 42 days left in the year, might I end the year with the 1,000th post? It's a possibility! (and what classic cartoon had a character say that line several times in an episode?)


Mike Golch said…
Suuzanne,nice photo.I hope that you had a good day.
imaginary binky said…
You, my lady, are a beauty!
Suzanne said…
Thanks! I like that I captured the real me, lol!

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