A Guest Photographer!

Today, we joined friends Bob, Maureen and Coaster Kid (yes, he has a name!) at a R/C Air Show over in Lake Wales. The weather was nearly perfect, 72 degrees, cloudy and a steady breeze and a few rain clouds to mix things up. Now that we've been to one, we'll plan ahead for next year's with a picnic basket full of goodies and a small jug of sangria.

The R/C planes weren't the little Cox planes we remembered from our youth. No, they were rather big, many with six to eight foot wingspans. They boogied down the runways and went high and FAST. As far as scale goes, I think the speed would probably exceed the full size versions.

Some pictures from the event:

Chef watching the planes taking off on the runway:

A small idea of scale, with my menfolk admiring some of the planes we later saw in the air.
Apparently cartoon characters have gotten their pilot's licenses. Toucan Sam and Underdog.
No, it doesn't give you wings, but we got free samples of the new Red Bull soda. MORE, please! It was really good.Chef and Coaster Kid went over to take pictures of the Mini Coopers, were given more Cola and one of the people handing out the sodas offered to take his picture:

Here's your guest photographer. Allow me to introduce Chef Jr as today's guest. He asked if he could take the camera and get some pictures. Twenty minutes later, this is what he had to share:


daysgoby said…
Gorgeous shots! C.J. has a good eye....

oh, and where I come from, that would be called a snow fence. How on earth did that end up in Florida?
Suzanne said…
In these parts, they use it to fence off construction areas. Multipurpose!
Joyce-Anne said…
Very nice.

Tim started a blog http://tlallier.blogspot.com/ thought you might be interested...

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