Just Another MeMe Monday

Geggie posted this today, and I figured "Why Not?"

I was tagged!
I was tagged by Geggie

1. Clothes Shop
NY&Co, but I really like the classic styles at much pricier stores. Oh well.

2. Furniture Shop
I liked the stuff at Haverty's, but I can't add to the furniture nowadays. Haven't been in one for about three years. (though if someone wants to give me a complete Arts and Crafts/Craftsman furniture makeover gratis, thankyouveryplease!)

3. Sweet
Snickers bars, Take 5 bars, Mochas (with whipped cream), Black Forest Cherry Cake (only way I like cherries), Pecan Pie (again, with whipped cream), Carvel Ice Cream and Rita's Italian Ices

4. City
New York. Love it, but wouldn't live there

5. Drink
Lots of water nowadays. Alcoholic, Comfort and Ginger Ale or a nice semi dry red wine or a glass of Laura's Killer Sangria (served over rice, lol)

6. Music
Anything except Rap, Wagnerian Opera and music featuring whiny singers

7. TV Series
Good Eats, Iron Chef America, Little People, Big World

8. Film
Comedies and Disney Cartoons

9. Workout
I've got a Wii Fit, but it'll tell me it's been 125 days since my last confession workout. Doctor says 1.walking, 2.swimming and 3.bike riding-no impact exercises whatsoever. 1 is Boring, 2 I have no pool and 3 dude, my wrists can't handle my bike that doesn't have lazy brakes.

10. Pastries
Yes, please. All of it.

11. Coffee
Indigo Indulgence with a squirt of caramel or almond and half and half. Splurge on their mocha with whipped. If I get near a Barnies, hopefully the flavor of the day is Santa's White Christmas or Chocolate Cherries Cordial. Half and half and copious amounts of sugar. In a pinch, Dunkin Donuts Iced French Vanilla with milk and sugar. I'll only do $tarbuck$ only if someone gave me a gift card-it all tastes burnt to me.

And to think that five years ago, I wouldn't touch the stuff, now I can give you a discourse on the house blends at the local convenience stores and donut chains.

Feel free to join in the fun...


Geggie said…
Thanks for playing.

Now...the Wii Fit? Do you actually get a work out with it?
Suzanne said…
If you actually USE the darn thing, you get a workout. I suppose I should start, eh?
Gypsydoodlebug said…
Still haven't opened mine, Suz!
Suzanne said…
And you won't until after the new year, Mandy. Otherwise, I'm coming up there and stomping on the other foot! :) Trust me, you don't want to mess with exercise until you get the all clear.
Saffa Chick said…
You didn't really mean "Sangria over rice" did you? "ice" maybe? mmmm I made Sangria for the first time in years recently and Milord was hooked!
Suzanne said…
Saffa, a client of mine gave me her recipe, and her coworkers were chiding her "Don't forget to tell her that it's served over rice!". I asked and she explained that she submitted the recipe to the company cookbook, and instead of putting "Serve over ICE", it got changed to over rice.

It's a mighty potent sangria recipe-and it makes a gallon. We're pretty happy here when I make a batch!

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