You're in the Blogophere, So You'll Get It

People IRL seem puzzled at this phenomenon (doot do dee doo doo), but those who haunt the Net will get this a lot better.

Last night, after years of 'seeing' each other on message boards, months of saying we should talk and exchanging phone numbers, Robin and I finally got around to talking. You know what? When we finally did get on the phone, we couldn't stop talking.

In many respects, we're kindred spirits. We're both Disney freaks, we both have RSD and we're both transplants to God's Waiting Room. I know that may not be enough to form a bond, but trust me, that's just the tip of the iceberg. It was very cool to chat (for THREE hours that seemed like ten minutes) and finally put a voice to those printed words. She's just as funny on the phone as she is in print, even when talking about serious crap like health woes.

We made plans to meet sometime next week and you'll be able to spot us if you're in Kissimee: the woman with the air boot and the woman with the walker if we're going any distance.

If I mention this to people who aren't in the blogosphere, they'll be warning me that she's probably an ax murderer or she'll sell me off to the gypsies. As if the gypsies would want me and I know she's got the similar wrist woes as me, so I'd only get a flesh would from that ax! (Love ya, mean it, Robin!)

It bears saying again-sometimes I'm so happy for this little invention called the Internet. If not for it, Jill and I wouldn't have a cool story of meeting face to face for the first time (Transferred into my store in Virginia, and first thing she says after I introduce myself "Are you (screen name) on the Yahoo CM's board?" Guilty as charged. When I went back through some paperwork when moving, I realized that we'd done a pin trade in 2001 for those Disney state pins.

Bob was a part of that same CM board, we'd 'chatted' on the board several times, too. He was vacationing down here three years ago. We met at yet another CM's house, when he mentioned that he and Maureen were going to go house hunting in Lakeland. I happened to be off from work and offered to show them around, since I'd done the same hunt just a year earlier. I had a great day with them, driving around to different communities.

Now they're all here in Florida. The IMs and emails replaced with phone calls and visits. So, that community? You can find friends in the biggest one of all, the internet. Pretty cool, don't you think?


Saffa Chick said…
I totally get you ;-)

And non-blogging people don't get it at all. Milord doesn't understand my need to check up on my "friends" in the blogosphere, or how much your lives matter to me. I wonder every day how your job search is going, or how Tink's wedding went, or how Grumpy's divorce is panning out.

The funny thing is that I fell in love with the guy via email - so he has a good online "voice" if he ever gets bitten by the blogging bug!
imaginary binky said…
This ties in very well with that lament I wrote today about having trouble finding great female friends. What I neglected to say is that I've found a ton through blogging. It's a big rush to meet them in person. I hope that someday we can do that, too!
Suzanne said…
Saffa, that is rather ironic that the man doesn't get it, considering it's how you met!

Sarah, we WILL met, sooner or later. My sorta sister works for an airline with a Denver hub, so if I ever fly west again, I'm stopping in Denver. Hmmm, I need to call her for my buddy passes for BlogHer, so even if you don't attend, I'll be in your city twice!

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