Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

As I'd mentioned yesterday, I've been doing a lot more singing than usual, in preparation for Citizen of the Month's holiday song fest next month. Chef, sweet child that he is, encourages me and asks me to sing his favorite Christmas carols. You know, like a walking jukebox.

He's a big fan of the a capella music that I enjoy. We have a copy of moosebutter's Cee Dee, which I have not had my hands on since the day it came into the house. He's brought it into his bedroom for bedtime tunes. Chef is a fairly light sleeper, and his way of combating the noises that keep him awake is to play music he likes to relax.

Mom warbling "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" has put him in that Christmas frame of mind. I dug out the Christmas CDs for him to enjoy at bedtime, but he wanted more a capella. Alas, I don't have many CDs in that musical niche.

We ventured off to You Tube so he could hear some one else sing "Twelve Days of Christmas", and I had to play the Straight No Chaser version.

Now the child wants a CD that I want: Straight No Chaser's Holiday Spirits.

Then, we venture over to Moosebutter's site to see if they do a version of his favorite song. They don't, but they've got a holiday album, too, Dee's Ember. No "Twelve Days", though. So off we go, trolling the vaults of You Tube.

I knew I'd find a version of it on a high school classmate's You Tube channel. He conducts a high school choir, so Chef got to hear the the version I prefer. He likes it, too and wants me to sing THAT for the web concert.

He likes hearing me sing and keeps asking for more. I gladly comply and think that maybe, just maybe, he's old enough to sit through that Messiah concert.


Joyce-Anne said…
Loved it!!!! I hadn't heard this version or the group before.

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