Canvassing Once More

Today, I headed out into different neighborhoods to canvass for Obama. This time, all the houses I visited were within a stone's throw of my house.

Just about everyone I spoke to today had already voted. Many are cautiously optimistic. One man must have had pee covered corn flakes, because he went on a barrage of complaints about Obama and what he represents, blah blah blah. Those of you who know me IRL, know I am a Pollyanna, a positive thinker and usually have a smile on my face. I think it probably upset this guy more that I asked if he'd voted, thanked him for exercising his right to do so and kept the tone Mary Poppins positive.

Inside, I was thinking "Look, sir, I'm not going to change your mind and you're not going to change mine-is it worth getting yourself upset?". I noted on the list of addresses that the 96 year old female at that address was now a Republican 60 something male.

One of the communities I visited today was the quintessential Florida retirement community. It reminded me of the one Mom and Bill lived in, with well manicured lawns and many yard adornments. Each house had their name emblazoned on the front and some variation of "Welcome, Friends."

It made me realize that our country went through a big shift in twenty years. The 60 year old set welcomes all, and proudly puts their name on their entrance, clearly thinking that there are no such things as strangers, only friends we haven't met.

Sadly, my generation seems to close themselves off from those nearby. Yes, we had a handful of friends in the town up north, but we tended to find friendships with coworkers instead of over the picket fences. In the four years in the old house, we were nodding acquaintances with a few. We never broke bread in a neighbor's house, or vice versa. In a half year here, we've gotten to know more neighbors than we did in all the time over there.

How sad is it that we've become so wary, so cynical, so distrusting of those that share our streets?

Some of the change that this country needs begins with each of us. We all need to reach out to our neighbors, foster that sense of community, get to know each other's names, respect those differing opinions.

If not now, when?


Geggie said…
Now, Suzanne! Now!!

I'm so excited/nervous/hopeful/anxious/tired/excited!
Mike Golch said…
I'm glad that the election is comming to an end.I hoppe that there will be something positive out of this election.

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