Notarize this!

I decided that it might be worth my while to become a notary. They get ten dollars per document to notarize, not bad, IMO. Could be a useful thing.

So, I am on the Florida notaries website and I am taking their self directed study. If I become a notary, I can perform marriages. Florida is one of three states that allow this.

I take the first section assessment and acheive a perfect score. However, I have to wait another 23 minutes while I am logged on. Doesn't matter that I have a perfect score, they've allocated 30 minutes for this section of study.

Part two: 10 minutes. Here I wait for another twenty. Yes, another perfect score.

And if you're wondering, if you didn't attend school with me-I always, always, always was the first person done with a test. I guess I read too damn fast!


Tracey said…
Well what 3 states can a Notary marry someone? I am a Notary in VA but I guess when I get to IN I will have to transfer / reapply / change.

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