Good Monday!

Hubby and I headed over to WDW this morning. Every year, the week after Thanksgiving is the traditional time for all the Internet Disney fan groups to head to the parks for something called "Mousefest". Now that we live here, we can pop over to meet others as the work schedule allows.
We had a nice visit with some of my friends from a small group, and headed over to Animal Kingdom. It was a nice few hours.

Then, we headed to pick up the boys, with the plan that we would head across the bay to take stepdad out to dinner. While hubby was in the center, stepdad called to say it was seriously POURING by him, so he suggested we reschedule. OK, plans made for Thursday night after son's doctor's appointment.

Hubby comes out of daycare with better news. We've been extremely frustrated with the director of this center-she calls us probably four days a week to tell us that older son is 'out of control' and we need to pick him up IMMEDIATELY. Then, when we get him on the phone, we redirect him rather easily. The previous director (who was awesome, btw) got promoted up and out and we had not one single call from her in the same amount of time.

Apparently, we were not the only parents unhappy with the recent director, and she is gone. We're still going to look for a home daycare enviornment, but hubby says the place was extremely organized again, like it was when Sharon was the director. Good deal.

Oh, and if you haven't bought your exterior christmas lights, be careful! We bought three strings of multi color icicle lights at Target last week. We came up about 20 feet short for outside(I forgot the side of the garage), so I bought another 300 light string and a 100 light string. The 300 light string box was absolultely identical to the other three. Then, when I was up on the ladder yesterday, Ed noticed that this string was one color per strand, as opposed to the multiple colors on the strands that were already on the house. Off we went to get more, but the multi strands were sold out at two other Targets. We'll probably use the other strand on our lanai.

Oh, and if Santa reads my blog, along with that Ipod (40 gig, please), I think we really need a wine fridge now. We went to another PRP wine tasting event yesterday and once again, could not walk out without getting more wine. It's oh so yummy! Our reward was a bottle of Golden Tango Cream, which is like Bailey's on steroids.


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