Yet another busy day.

Dropped the kids off at school, then headed across the bay to stepdad's. I was the administrative assistant today, drafting up a couple of letters to change beneficiaries and close a savings account and have the funds dispersed to him. He's still in denial about all of this (kinda feel the same way), but is sorting through Mom's financial stuff. I realized today that he's going to have a flood of calls starting in late January. My mom did taxes for A LOT of people, most of her clients are up in NY and won't know what happened. I sure hope no one calls the week before their taxes are due.

I think she enjoyed doing taxes-it was a puzzle to figure out and see which way someone would get the most money or pay the least. That must be why I enjoy doing them myself-she'd get that gleam in her eye when she realized that someone could use a deduction!

It's been suggested that I post the email I sent to my brother. I'll probably put that up tomorrow. BTW, I still haven't heard from him, but used one of the remaining beers in tonight's fondue. It's about all Budweiser is good for, anyway. :)

Got a new book to dive into-Nelson DeMille's Night Fall. It's always good when a writer I like bases their story in a locale I'm well acquainted with. Tom Clancy's another writer that I love that uses familiar locales.

I joined classmates back over the summer-I think I bitched recently that they charged me for membership when I didn't want to rejoin. That said, I'd sent an email through them to the boss that hubby and I had back in 1986. The job where we met. Anyway, she sent an email back. I'd written "Remember me? Remember Bozo (my ex, who worked for her husband)? We married. we divorced...and I married Hubby!" I got an email back "WHAT? What am I missing-you two got married?!?" Oh so priceless, lol. We've been emailing back and forth-she seemed so much older back then, when in reality she wasn't!

Want to read a bit-got a call from work and I'm now headed in at o'dark thirty. At least it means I get out earlier!


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