Socrates and the Furious Redhead

To continue...

I had dropped Giggles off at the airport and got home around 9am. I suggested breakfast to hubby and friend (Cracker Barrel was calling). My sister was still sleeping and I knew she'd have a long day, so we didn't wake her. Probably not the best decision, but I stood by it. Breakfast was yummy, pecan pancakes.

We get back to the house and my sister had woken up and had a shower. She wasn't pleased that we didn't wake her and I made some coffee to appease for not waking her.

Then, at 11:15am, my phone rings. It's Socrates. "Check out time is at noon," he says.

"And?" is my reply.

"When are you coming to get me?" To which I responded that he was being mighty presumptuous that I'd pick him up, he didn't even ask me if I minded or offer to put gas in the tank. He hadn't asked me last night when I had dropped him off. Apparently, he didn't ask because 'we'd been arguing'. I told Socrates he had a perfectly good cell phone that he could have called with when he realized this oversight.

Socrates was pissed that I wasn't going to be at his beck and call and insisted again, stupidly, that checkout was at noon. At which point I balked at driving over to get him. "Fine, I'll call Giggles". I then dropped the bomb that he could call Giggles, but I'd already dropped her at the airport at 8:30. I should've let him call her cell-it's the one I picked up last week.

At this point, I go off:
1. You've called everyone in this family a liar, that means I'm a liar
2. You've told Giggles that you're not sure if you can trust me, so why do you think I'm good enough to be at your damn beck and call.
3. You called my cell phone to complain that no one had picked up at the hotel to bring you to the funeral home, when I told you I didn't have enough room and I came back to get you. You didn't even bother to thank me for doing this.
4. You complain that step dad disrespected you, yet you didn't even go to shake his hand OR offer condolences on the loss of his wife of 20 years, the woman who shared his life and his bed.
5. Step dad bought lunch for you and you had the nerve to ignore him, not thank him, and stand outside and tell Giggles that I'm not trustworthy, even though I've offered to take you to other brother's grave site, which you didn't thank me for doing.
6. Get your own sorry ass to the airport, rent a car. I've spent the past three weeks spending all my time with Mom and making sure she was okay, my family hasn't seen much of me, I wanted a day to rest and relax with them and you're concerned that not I'm dropping everything to get you.
7. You didn't bother to ASK me to come pick you up, or thank me for being your taxi.
8. You're a fucking selfish bastard and if I don't hear from you, I'm not missing a damn thing.

Socrates, of course, yells at me to stop yelling. It seems to be the only way he will listen. On reflection, I'm convinced he's a misogynist asshole, who won't listen to females because he thinks we're stupid. Then I yell and prevent him from shutting his stupid damn ears.

I hung up on him, sister crying, husband was bemused that I said all that I did, and me positively fuming at the audacity. I'm a horrible sister because I've been doing all that I have to care for Mom, family and keep everyone in the loop about the events of the past month.

Twenty minutes later, my phone rings-Socrates again. I'm not answering it, so it goes to message. "Suzie, don't worry, I got a car, so you don't have to come get me. (I'm not, doody head) I'll call you when I get home, I'm out of minutes on my cell phone. I don't need to argue and I can explain everything." I think he needs all day to figure out how to address one of the things he's said in the past two days. If he thinks I'm answering the phone, he's got another thing coming to him.

After this, I needed a distraction, so we went over to see the house my in laws have a contract to purchase. Very nice-they wanted a house under five years old, and got one that was built this year.

Around 4:30, we made the second trip to the airport. At least my sisters Thank me for doing stuff!!! While saying our goodbyes, another good friend from NY called me. She'd read the blog and wanted to see if I was okay. Best part, she offered to bodily harm my brother! No, he's not worth the jail time, but it's a good thought.

Back to work in the morning. No rest for the weary and no good deed goes unpunished.


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