So, Wednesday night 9pm, phone rings. Fellow manager who's supposed to process shipment was calling out sick for the next day-fortunately for her, I could do it. Blew my plans for going in at 8 and doing some organization stuff for a DM visit the next day. It was an exercise in frustration, trying to fit twice the stuff in half the space!

Then, I had the pleasure of doing it again today. Mind you, in the 5+ years with my employer, this may have been the 12th or 13th time I've processed freight. So to say my butt is dragging after two days of it would be accurate. I don't have energy to make dinner-have a feeling the steak I'd like to consume tonight is going to be "no rules, just right".

My brother is going to email me back. He stopped by Giggle's house today, bummed out. Told Giggles I'd sent him an email that he didn't particularly agree with, but some of it must have sunk in. Socrates was very careful to say "Please" and "Thank you". He didn't agree with my assessment of his alcohol consumption-what a surprise!

Giggles has joined the ranks of computer owners, woohoo! Life is getting easier-we bought her a DVD player earlier this year to make it easier to buy gifts. Now I can email her stuff. I'm so horrible about snail mailing *anything*, even though I'm at the post office every day!

Talked to stepdad briefly today-he's hanging in there. I'm still in awe of how he's coping AND has opened up to us and is willing to ask for help. I'm back over there on Tuesday. Thanksgiving week should be a good one-I get three days off, so I'll get over there twice, possibly three times.

Watched Star Wars episode 3 last night. What a train wreck. I forget who said it ultimately was a love story-and it was. I'm regretting ever sticking up for Jar Jar Binks, though. It was his nomination of Palpatine that set the wheels in motion for all of it.


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