Yummy, Tax Deductible Popcorn

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how Chef and Gameboy had their fundraisers for Cub and Boy Scouts. Gameboy's fundraiser information was posted, but I needed a code before I could tell you about Chef's fundraiser.

Did I mention that these are TAX DEDUCTIBLE?

Chef's Cub Scout pack only does one fundraiser each year, just as Gameboy's Boy Scout troop just sells the greenery that I posted a couple of weeks ago. The pack sells Trail's End popcorn. Yummy popcorn. Really, really addictive caramel corn!

Ordering is easy. If you're local, contact me by the 27th of this month and we'll put your order in. You pay when we deliver your popcorn. (and you get to see us, too-bonus!)

If you're far away, but want to order, you just click here to go directly to the Trail's End website. You will need to enter Chef's scout key for his pack to get credit, so be sure to enter TEXUV46 in the "enter order key" box. (You also get different options than those ordering directly from us, but I'll get to that in a bit.)

Have you ever had a hankering for some microwave popcorn, but you ran out because you buy those little packages with three packets? Not to worry, these microwave packages contain 15 packages of microwave goodness! The first one is Butter Light, designed to give you the great taste of buttery popcorn without the calories. (Honestly, we've popped this one up and didn't even know it wasn't the regular kind.) Boxes from us are $15.00 (tax deductible!). This one is not currently available on the Trail's End website.

If you're like me, and love the taste of movie theatre popcorn, this is the one for you. For less than two buckets at your local cinema, you can have 15 enjoyable bowls of buttery goodness while watching your favorite DVD. For 15 tax deductible dollars, you get 15 bowls that rival the stuff at the movie theatre and you don't even have to worry about the sticky floors! Available directly from Trail's End (but there is a nominal shipping fee)

This is our family's favorite microwave popcorn, hands down. Our first year in scouting, we foolishly bought one box of the Kettle Corn variety and gobbled it up in about two weeks. Thankfully, we'd bought it at our first show and sell and bought another package through the boys. A few months later, we found out that our old pack still had leftover show and sell product, so we bought two more packages. We like it that much. Last year, we were smart and bought enough that we are honestly down to our last package in the pantry as I write this.

It's made with Splenda, so calorie counters can still enjoy great sugary/salty popcorn without the guilt. Each package has 15 packets for the low, tax deductible price of 20 dollars. (and you don't have to pay fair or carnival admission to get your Kettle corn!)

In addition to these microwave options through Chef, the Trail's End website offers a variety pack of the three types they offer. It is 35 dollars and contains 30 packages of popcorn.

Onto the gift cans. Last year, we gave several of the boys teachers a can of the caramel corn (and Gameboy's bus drivers little gift bags that we put some packages of the microwave kind in a 'movie night' kit) We'll probably buy a case of the caramel corn again to do this.

This is the yummiest, most addicting popcorn I've ever enjoyed. (and those of you who knew me when I was a kid know my Cracker Jack addiction-and my Fisher's popcorn addiction one I moved south know this is saying something!) We loved it so much the first year that we decided the teachers deserved a sweet treat last year.

If you decide to purchase through Trail's End, it is sold in a case of 12. There are several things you can do with that much popcorn.
1.Horde it all to yourselves.
2.Use it for teacher, hostess, neighbor and service people gifts.
3.Find a friend or family member to split the case.
4.Horde it all to yourselves, because you know you want to!

I forgot to take a picture of the Caramel Light can. It's 20 dollars, contains no nuts and is made with Splenda. It's 23.4 ounces of less guilt indulgence! And the bonus is, it's available on the Trail's End site, so you don't have to be local to follow your calorie counting plans!

What happens when you add pecans, almonds and cashews to already yummy caramel corn? You create a confection that no one in the Suzanne household can resist! If we'd bought a case of this, I assure you that the teachers would not have seen a single can after we opened the one we bought for ourselves last year! They do not skimp on the Pecans (the favorite nut in this house, besides Chef, that is). It's a great deal at $20 bucks from either Chef directly or Trail's End's website. Oh, I have been remiss on the past few-it's TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!

This is a new offering this year, and if Chef has his way, he'll be bringing some home from the next Show and Sell. It's Trail Mix, and contains a blend of raisins, M&Ms, peanuts, cashews, almonds and dried cranberries. It's also available through the Trail's End website. Imagine having some of that on your next hike!

The boys were so busy selling their wares that they wanted me to let you know that there are other options on their order forms and the Trails End Website. Things like Chocolate Covered Popcorn, Cheese Popcorn, variety Tins and Popping Corn if you're a purist.

The coolest thing of all? Trail's End has a program where you can make a 25 dollar purchase and it goes TO THE TROOPS OVERSEAS! Can you imagine the day brightener that must be after eating MRE's? The best part is that you're supporting the troops and Scouting with your Tax Deductible purchase!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Oh, you were wondering what to do with those empty tins? Well, Chef is ready to show you his drumming skills-we'll just have him do a solo for you!


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