What I Did Today

For the past few weeks, I've been wearing my opinion on my shirt:Today, I put my passion to paper:
If your state offers early voting, please take advantage of it! Even if we are on different sides of the political aisle, your vote is important!

In 2004, we waited in line for two hours to cast our votes. Today, we waited 45 minutes. It beats waiting in line on November 4th!

Oh, and in this Florida county, there will be NO hanging chads. We had a a paper ballot that we filled in bubbles with ebony pencils.


ligirl said…
Good for you!!!! I thought about voting today, but other than #2 (a huge, resounding "NO"), I'm not familiar enough yet with the amendments to know how I want to vote on them. I DID however, stop into the Democratic HQ and got some bumper stickers and window stickers!!!! Yay!!! My car and the front window of my home are now fully Obama-outfitted!!!!
Momisodes said…
Kudos! I miss that about Florida. I really wish Massachusetts would allow early voting.

LOVE the stickers :)
cool. wish we had early voting here in NY.

I love living in a blue state!
Suzanne said…
I'd say call me and I'll tell you what the state propositions are, but my phone's dead. When you early vote, you stand in line-and are given a sample ballot. We read up on the county issues while we waited.

Sandy, thanks! I wish every state offered early voting.

SB, The strangest part of living in NY was being in a Blue state, but a Red county. I believe that has changed since I moved away. In Nassau, if you weren't registered Republican, forget about getting trash hauled or a county lifeguarding job!

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