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Road Tunes

The other day, I was on the interstate driving and grooving to the iPod. It was a rare trip alone, so I had the stereo cranked to a mix I'd made for the last job. On comes a song that makes me want to turn it up to 11. It is a perfect 'road tune', but that makes sense, because the whole album screams Road Trip to me.

What song? "The Camera Eye" by Rush. Driving drum beats, moving and lyrical bass. It's eleven minutes of "I'd better not be stuck in traffic for this" music! Now, most people would say that "YYZ", also off the Moving Pictures album is a better example of music for driving. I agree that it's good, but I lean towards that former.

I like to use music while driving. Most of the time, it's to sing along, but sometimes, it helps to clear the head when I'm stressed out. I don't know what I'd do without a stereo in the car when I'm stuck in a traffic jam. My Type A shows when that happens. Thankfully, I've got the iPod to plug in and calm me down when I can keep moving.

How about you? Have you got a favorite disc for road trips?


Mike Golch said…
Me I tend to listen to a variety of music or maybe you would call eclectic.
Anonymous said…
Thanks to my father and memories of going to work with him where we had to drive an hour thru suburban Detroit in 1977, two albums come to mind -- Eagles Greatest Hit 71-75, and ABBA: The Album.
Bonnie said…
Oh yes! I used to have it posted in my sidebar, but it got wiped out during an upgrade and I forgot about putting it back up. I'll have to hunt my computer for it when I get home.

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