Remembered Just In Time

That Sea World is having their Halloween event this weekend. Woohoo, free candy! We had lots of fun doing this last year, rain and all.

I've got to figure out whether we're going Saturday or Sunday. Anyone local want to join us? If so, tell me which date works for you. (Bob, phone call on the way, lol!)

It's a good thing I picked up the felt to complete Chef's costume last night. He wants to be this guy: Channeling my Mom here, because I'm making my own pattern for the vest. He's got a shirt that's pretty close to the real deal. The hair is going to be the tough part, and it is nearly every year (except the one year he shaved it off to be Anakin!)

Gameboy is easy, he wants to reuse his Harry Potter costume. All he's asked of me is to buy him a wand. I think I can manage that one!



the photo of who Chef wants to be isn't showing up....

sounds like the boys will hav ecute costumes, though. you must post pictures of them wearing the costumes (or, in one case, an updated picture!)

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