The Dichotomies of Suzanne, the Food Edltion

I hate olives, but love olive oil. (tonight's pizza crust wound not taste right with any other oil)

I love peas, can't stand pea soup.

I love cooked pudding but think that instant tastes grainy.

I can be full from a good meal, but the smell of freshly baked goods is enough to make me eat when I don't want to.

I hate meatloaf, but like meatballs.

I eat Navy Breakfast (english muffin, corned beef hash and baked beans, stacked) but find eggs gross.

I don't like Pepsi, but loved Diet Pepsi. Love Coke, but couldn't stand Diet Coke. (Point is moot-can't consume the diet beverages unless I want a raging migraine, aura and all, in about 5 seconds.)

Love Snickers, like Milky Way, but the Three Musketeers will get pawned off to the first sucker person I see.

Don't like ketchup, but if I get a whopper junior without it, it doesn't taste right. (1. Can't eat a whole Whopper. 2. Don't get the urge for them very often, much to the kids dismay)

I like to dip my fries in sour cream or Tsitsiki sauce, not ketchup.

Yes, there are more food oddities, but the pizza dough I'm about to roll out made me think of those.


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