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On the downward side of a near migraine event today, so instead of a coherent blog entry, you're going to get little snippets of blogginess. I feel weary, like you do when you've run a mile or five for gym class. Or you've taken a shot of Imitrex. I've done neither, but I get that lovely feeling for free!

I didn't mention it at the time, but I got contacted by a journalist interested in something I wrote earlier this year. I agreed, if my last name wasn't used. I don't want a prospective employer to Google my name and find it, KWIM? Then I realized, perhaps I should expand on the original piece and shop it around myself.

It appears that my appeal of unemployment was successful, though not to the degree I expected. I've been out of work for eight weeks, and last week, I got paid for two weeks of unemployment. I need to follow up on that front. Does it mean my six month clock starts from two weeks ago? One less worry off my head, thank God.

Status on my phone: apparently, I got it wet. How or when, I can't figure out. However, the guy at the AT&T store showed me this red dot on my phone that proved that it got wet, so it wouldn't be covered under warranty if a new SIMM card didn't work. I've only received two incoming calls since replacing the card and neither was disconnected (though Donna called last night and it.didn't.ring., so I may have other issues). If you've got my number, please call me, so that we can determine that it is okay!

Alas, while I was at the AT&T store being informed of the phantom waterlogging of my phone, Ed's was. Getting waterlogged, that is. Score 1 for the LG Washer, Ed's phone is dead. This sucks because 1. we don't have a landline to fall back on and 2. if we get him a new phone, that makes his contract reset to two years. We're not sure we want to do that, because we both are geeking on T Mobile's Android. Not that I can afford that, either, but to have a phone with web AND open source? Sounds great to me. I suspect he'll be scoping out eBay for an unlocked phone.

If you're thinking I have a headache from playing a debate drinking game, I would say yes, if I'd had cheap wine to do it with. Cracking open an expensive bottle for the word or phrase of choice is not an option. And I suppose a fellow blogger was right-we've gone from a nation of drunks (Joe Six Pack) to a nation of people wading in poop (Joe Plumber). I have to say that I'm glad that I wasn't on LI to deal with the traffic mess that must have occurred on that section of Hempstead Turnpike last night (it's a mess in ordinary circumstances!)

(The wine that IS left is being saved for celebrating a job and the holidays, thank you!)

Oh, and a hearty congrats to one of the bloggers who inspires me. Amalah and husband Jason had their second child yesterday. Welcome to the world, Ezra!I think he looks so much like big brother Noah when he was born. Congrats!


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