I think the Suzanne family has been completely converted. If I even mention the possibility of making pizza dough, the men are beholden to whatever I say. They're luck y I don't use this to my advantage.

See, I've figured out the cheese ratios that these things are as close to NY pizza as they're going to get without having the right water and a brick oven. Psst, if you're using mozzarella, or even a 50/50 split, it's not going to turn out right.

I mentioned on the way to voting that I was thinking of making pizza and Ed resembled Homer Simpson when he has the Forbidden Donut. It was rather humorous.

Three pizzas later, we all are filled to the gills. Other than the occasional foray to Palace Pizza (the best darn pizza in Lakeland-heck, the best Italian food in central Florida, too), we're definitely in he make it ourselves camp.

It's a pretty darn good place to be, in the camp that knows the secret to good homemade pizza.


can I come to your house next time you make pizza?

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