I'll Give You What You Need

I went searching an old blog friend’s archive. She decided to hang up the blogging thing in March, rather abruptly. Sometimes I worry about her, because she was dealing with caring for her mom and her kids.

In the archives was a meme I haven’t done before and I figured I should give it a go. The funny part (to me, anyway) is that there have been many Suzanne’s who did it before me, which skewed the results. That’s why you get 11, because one of them did show up in another Suzanne’s blog post.

Here’s how it works. Go to google and type in your name and the word ‘needs’. I found I got better results if I put it in quotations “Suzanne needs”. Next, note the first ten results. In my case, I skipped it if it went back to someone else doing the meme or was a person’s name, and there is a person by the name of Suzanne Needs something or other out there.

Editorial comments as always, because I can’t let some of them stand unmolested…

Suzanne needs to get dressed. Please help her choose an outfit by dragging clothes ...
(I am dressed! If what I’m wearing isn’t suitable (Jeans and a Tinkerbell henley), then you need to go nominate me for “What Not To Wear”. I think Stacy would have a cow over the number of pairs of Crocs I own)

Suzanne needs more than the traditional basic Speech, Occupation & Physical therapy. (Aw shucks, I got complimented on my speaking ability a few weeks ago and now I need therapy? Not mental health therapy? I’ll gladly cop to the occupational and physical, especially if someone else will foot the bill…)

Suzanne Needs Your Support. Sunday, February 3, 2008 (Why just that one day? I can use your support EVERY day!)

Suzanne needs you healthy (Hell, Suzanne needs herself healthy, but she’ll take you healthy, too. We can’t ALL be unwell, can we?)

Suzanne Needs Help. (I’m not going there. There is just TOO much material. Though I’ll say that I especially need help in 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s and 100’s. Heavy on the 50’s and 100’s, please)

Suzanne needs a history lesson. (Oh goody, I love history. I can use a lot of lessons on American History, so I can take that CLEP soon.)

Suzanne needs hundreds of dollars worth of dental work. (this is the one that showed up in the other Suzanne’s reports of this meme. They must have written this about me in 2002, before I started driving my butt down to UMBC twice a month and had a dental student fix the mess in my mouth. Lesson learned: tell the dentist to use PEDIATRIC equipment in my mouth!)

Suzanne needs peace and quiet. (Lord, don’t we all? )

Suzanne needs me (Hey, this didn’t come from Ed’s blog or Twitter…)

Suzanne needs to get to the beach, who wants to go? (Yes, I need to go to the beach. It’s not a want, it’s a need. I especially NEED to go to the beach in Hawaii, either immediately preceding or following some major valve replacement!)

Suzanne needs to see it in her mind’s eye before she can begin to paint it. (Suzanne also needs a lot of help in painting anything that looks remotely pleasing to the eye, but that’s another story entirely!)

Interestingly enough, I found another blogger named Suzanne who’s blog is Ed and Red. He’s Ed, I’m a redhead, so I thought that it was cute to find those coincidences…

Your turn. Go to Google and see what YOU need!


Suzanne said…
Suzanne needs help... I love it!!! How cool that you and your Ed are "Ed and Red" too! I'm a redhead and we came up with the Ednred thing years ago. It's amazing how many folks don't get it. *shakes head in wonder* Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your "needs"
ligirl said…
OK..you asked for it!

"Donna needs two hands to keep things steady"...Yep...at 10 and 2. (OR is it 9 and 3?)

"My Donna needs a good crowding"...apparently, this is a sexual term, popular in the 1930's! My word!

"Donna needs volunteers"...yes, this one does...this is regarding finding missing pets in the SF Bay area. I am on board with that!

"Donna needs a donut"...NO, she does NOT. Have you seen my butt lately?

"Donna needs a party caricature"...that would be hilarious. I've never had one done b/c I know they would pick on my little pug nose...

"Donna needs YOU"...Uh, well, sure!

"Donna needs to go"...Absolutely. Almost always...anyone who knows me even casually can attest to that!

"Donna needs structure and emotional support"...Wow. Scary how true that is!

"Donna needs help"...Yep! (Please see above comment!)

"Donna needs opinions"...well, you know what they say about those...everyone has one!

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