Who the Heck is Murphy in the Morning?

And why am I getting tons of hits for them and "phone call"?

I've already got enough mysteries with trying to figure out who I know in whatever city that's reading, without trying to figure out what kind of phone call Murphy made that everyone is Googling it! I'm on the front page of hits because I said Murphy was an Optimist and the title of my blog give enough matching criteria. Also doesn't answer the multiple hits from the same IPs every day, either! Especially since those multiple hit people don't comment! :)


Okay, I found out the story. If you were Googling this, you probably listen to the show and it makes sense. Murphy has a feature "Do or Die", in which they apparently put a reluctant boyfriend on the spot by asking him if he's going to do the right thing and marry his girlfriend.

The boyfriend they called this morning was unhappy they called him and had a conversation with him and supposedly didn't tell him he was live on the air. They were trying to get him to commit to marrying his girlfriend.

He told his girlfriend they could talk about the issue in private, but she and the show hosts pressed the issue. He ended up hanging up and calling back later asking
for the General Manager's name and phone number. He said he called his attorney, that what they did was illegal and that he would be suing.

Further explanation is in comment #4. Murphy even offered a thousand dollars to the reluctant boyfriend towards wedding costs. (the fact that he refused says to me that not having the money wasn't the issue. Girlfriend? Time to dump the boyfriend!) Now it makes sense why so many people are looking for what happened: Murphy is a popular host who is a local philanthropist.

Obviously, I can't hear the show 600 odd miles away, but it is pretty sad that this guy saw an opportunity to make a buck off the radio station.

I hope those of you Googling get your morning Jock back soon. He sounds like he's an asset to the area.

Personally, I'd give the girlfriend the thousand to get that guy out of her life!


daysgoby said…
I think this is it, S:


but I have no idea WHAT was said on the famous phone call.
Grandy said…
I get why you'd get hit on the "phone call" but don't know who Murphy is. :)
Suzanne said…
I think it was because Murphy's Law got mentioned this week, then Murphy in the Irish-American post.

My name isn't THAT irish, lol!
Anonymous said…
Not like you care and probably sick of getting hits to your page about it but a little explanation about “The Murphy in the Morning Show”. This is the #1 new music station in the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High-Point, NC) They are always doing crazy funny segments like this on their show…people write in needing help on many issues in their life but are scared to confront those people. They deal with all family issues that anyone request help on. This girl wanted her boyfriend to commit to her but wouldn’t. The segment was if the boyfriend would commit they would give them $1000 dollars towards anything pertaining to the wedding. This boyfriend was just a J@CK@$$ and didn’t want to be put on the spot. His full name was never mentioned and no one knows his identity. He probably got mad cause he didn’t want to marry her cause he cheats or something and then felt the pressure of do it or break up! It’s probably best that they do. This show is amazing for the charity events they put on every year for the triad area. For the past 3 years they have committed to raising enough money to send a needy high school graduate to college on a full ride. They have bought three Seeing Eye dogs for disabled children and every year do a event called breaking and entering Christmas where they provide tons of presents, clothes, a vacation trip, household goods etc. that a family needs due to hard times that they are experience due to a death or an injury in the family.. They hold a golf tournament to raise money and recently I believe they raised over $60,000 to help fund these events. They are all amazing people on this show and this station. Nobody else in the triad does the things that they do for the local people. I think it is crazy to pull a show due to one person who probably is just trying to make a quick buck knowing that this station had the money….the money that they give to the needy people!!!
Wow -- I had to read a blog from someone 600 miles away to find out what happened. lol BTW -- good luck with your Next Food Network Star tape! Hope you get on the show!
Suzanne said…
Purls, I think it's because everyone local is probably afraid of the guy suing them, so they're keeping the statements to a minimum.

I'm broker than broke, so he'll be wasting his time suing me! :)

If anyone wants to add details, go right ahead-I seem to be getting boatloads of hits from Murphy.

He's one well loved jock!
Suzanne said…
BTW, Anonymous, I forgot to thank you. Anytime I see a huge spike in hits, I like to know why. Then, if I can pass the info along, its shared.
Grandy said…
Wow! I came back to see what you learned and look at that post from Anonymous. A big fan indeed.

Then Purl says something about food network? I'm going to blame the liquid meds...but must go through the other posts to see where you wrote about that. You would be AMAZING on Food Network!! ;)

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