If You Call Me

...and my phone cuts out about five seconds in, as if someone was hanging up a land line, IT'S MY PHONE. It's done it to me about a dozen times in the past week. It always seems to happen when people call me.

Part of me wonders if I'm under surveillance...not that they'd hear anything interesting!

Call is in to AT&T and I have to go get a new simm card. If that doesn't work, then I need to make sure before October 25th, otherwise I'll be out of warranty. (if I was working, that would've been a darn good excuse to get a better phone!)

Feel free to call me, if you have the number, so that my phone can hang up on you! Especially after 3pm, when I'm sure to have a new simm card installed!


Grandy said…
Oh since I've been off work I haven't had nearly enough people hang up on me. I'll be sure to call. ;)

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