Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Things that You Don't Think About When You Live in Florida

It was cold this morning. No, not 65 degree cold. That was last night, with Chef requesting that I turn on the heat in the car on the way home from scouts.

No, it was 40 this morning. Too cold to let Gameboy stand at the bus stop in his shirt sleeves. The kid needs a coat. (Chef got the hand me down).

There are maybe a dozen days each year that they need a coat, but yes, he needs one.

Off to shop.

3 People talked back:

songbird's crazy world said...

cry me a river...I wore my parka to work today.


Suzanne said...

LOL! At least you were prepared for it, because it happens every year! :P

songbird's crazy world said...

yeah, every year...but usually not so early.