What's For Dinner Wednesday

We had company this past Sunday, the lovely Maureen, fun Bob and their son. I did my typical entertaining cooking, which they're not used to seeing. See, I usually make two different entrees to appeal to different tastes AND to have plenty of leftovers.

This tactic works really well for our family when we have Sunday dinner. Monday and Tuesday involve running over to Brandon, so quick and easy dinners are a must. I ended up making Root Beer Pulled Pork (a really good new recipe) and my favorite cut of steak, London Broil. This was rubbed with an Espresso Pepper blend that I got in St. Augustine. Each of these dishes left plenty for a second (or third) meal.

Tonight, the leftover Broil became a staple in my meal arsenal. I made mozzarella Garlic Bread. Then when it was almost done, I broiled it for a few more minutes with the thinly sliced steak on the open faced bread. Then, it's closed and sliced. Even Mr. Pickypants will eat this meal without the slightest complaint.

I'd read something this week about making crockpot Macs and Cheese and since then, it was in my head that I'm overdue for a homemade batch of the good stuff. Why eat a box of Kraft when you can make something that's so much creamier? Two boxes of elbows later, and we've got enough for a second meal of that, too. (Though I suspect I will be tossing ham chunks in and making it a one dish meal)

I love leftovers, especially when I can turn them into something completely different with a few minute's efforts. Yum.


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