Tangibles and Intangibles

The past two months have taught me many things. Thinks like I had no idea what broke was. One low wage paycheck coming into the house is broke. I am in the midst of an unemployment appeal, and if they find in my favor, there's NINE weeks of pay that hasn't been coming in the door.

There are a lot of other tangibles that ramp up the stress level. Our country's economic crisis has been felt in this house for a long time, but even more so now. What happens if I don't find a job or get a successful appeal, or the SSDI? It's a wonder that I haven't got a full head of grey hair yet. It's one thing to be me who's suffering for my lack of employment, another thing entirely to feel like I'm letting my kids down-to know that they want things and have learned that they can't ask for them.

Then there are the intangibles. Most of them are positive. The past two months, Gameboy has been a lot easier to deal with, to redirect, to have around. His meltdowns have reduced in frequency, the nightly bedtime battles nearly gone. We still fight over his homework each day, but it's getting easier to reason with him about why he has to complete it.

I can't provide what they need financially, but the things I have been doing? The joy in their faces when I make their favorite meals or place a bowl of apple crisp a la mode in front of them while letting them watch that halloween special? The surprised Thank Yous and hugs and kisses tell me that maybe it isn't everything to be the one making the money.

Still would be nice to be getting a paycheck, but boy, I think I like the intangibles more.


Anonymous said…
Hi Suzanne,
Thank you for stopping by The Redheaded Lefty---these are, indeed, some very trying times. I have opted to work from home, part-time, because the social work job market was bleak, bleak, bleak. I know there are a lot of people in need---the image of happy children and apple pie a la mode is very sweet.

Here's to wishing for an economic upswing (clink, clink).

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