Another Day, Another Waterlogged Phone

I washed my phone last night.

It didn't need a bath, and I hadn't planned on it. However, we'd pulled the jackets out in haste yesterday because it was cold. Last night, I got the bright idea to wash them, forgetting that I'd gone through the neighborhood with Gameboy selling his greenery with the phone in my pocket.

It is currently airing out. I'm afraid to turn it on.

Ed's went through this a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately for him, Jane had her old soapbar phone (ours crapped out in one way or another right before getting these a year ago). This means if mine is toast, I have to buy a new one.



Bonnie said…
That really bites. My ex-boyfriend dropped his in the lake once when we were launching his boat. He took it apart and let it dry out. It worked for a few months after that.
Hootin' Anni said…
You have a Halloween Treat at my Thursday Halloween Humor Blog Entry!

Stop by, won't you?

My hubby talked for nearly an hour out in the garage this summer, where it was very humid...sweated in the phone for that long also...his hand and ears...and ruined the cell phone. :o(
Suzanne said…
It's working, but Bonnie, now you've got me worried that it'll die later on.

Anni, sweated the thing to death? Oh crap, we live in Florida. Any phone we get is probably doomed!
glad it's working. I've never had much luck once a phone gets time Jen went whitewater rafting, forgot the phone was in her duffle bag, and the bag went for a swim...and last year Becca was at a pool party and weas standing near the pool with her phone in her hand when some dumb boy pushed her into the water...but I put insurance on the kids' phones after I found out just what a cell phone looks like after it falls under the wheels of a school bus, so replacing the phones was not a huge deal, just an annoyance.

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