Trick or Treat!

You tell me-a year ago today was the last day off I had from blogging! Tomorrow, I start getting twice th credit for the same amount of work, because I'm participating in both Blog 365 and NaBloPoMo. Lately, it seems like there are two posts per day, so who knows? It might be another 60 post month.

I bought candy for Halloween like we always have. You know, the quantity you need when carloads show up in your neighborhood OR the people who live in the single family home side of Stepford bring their kids to the townhouse side of Stepford, just so the kids can get twice as much candy in the same amount of area? On our side, we had a reputation to uphold and the treats were plentiful.

This year, the kids that did show up REALLY liked the fact that they were each getting 4 or 5 pieces of candy each. It was a bit of a let down to not have as many of the kids come to call here-I get a kick out of checking out the costumes.

It was a year of changes. Gameboy decided he couldn't be bothered with going out (since I already bought candy he could consume) and Chef wanted to prowl the block with his friends. That worked out well-the friend's mom took them around while I stayed at home and played some Halloween music and surfed the net outdoors.

There is something so wrong about being chomped on by mosquitoes while handing out Halloween candy...


Mike Golch said…
I'm glad that you can maintain that kind of output.I do not think I can do that.
Mike Golch said…
just stopped by to say Hi,I hope that you had a good day.
You've been a prolific writer, keep up the good work.

kids grow and change so quickly, don't they?
Suzanne said…
At first, it was tough. Now the kids are even in the act of telling me I should blog about things! It's always good to get a visit from you! :)

SB, They do, don't they? I took Chef for a hair cut so that he would more resemble Han Solo. When the stylist tilted his head down, for a moment, I saw the toddler Chef with the chubby cheeks and all. Then I blinked, and he was gone.

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