Shamu as a Halloween Host

Last year, we went trick or treating at Sea World and had a moist, but quite enjoyable day. This year, several things were different:
*Ed had to work.
*We had friends with us.
*It was sunny.
*It was VERY crowded for off season.

It was a good, but long day. Some pictures and some snippets of info, because Kracken decided to rattle my head and it still doesn't like me for that. If I had it to do over again, knowing that I'd have a headache, hell yeah I'd ride. That coaster is awesome!

If you're wondering:
The meal deal is a GREAT value if you're going to be in the park eight hours, which was our plan with our desire to stick around for Shamu Rocks. Mid afternoon, we went to Mama's Kitchen and got a snack for free, and had lunch and dinner each. Bob suggests we do this next time and get there early enough for breakfast. (Okay, as long as we avoid all cake like substances! ;) )

Trick or treating is set up along the same trail as last year, but it seemed like there were a couple more treat stations than last year-but there were less options for Gameboy. Tomorrow's errands will include doing our usual Halloween ritual of buying two bags of stuff he can consume to swap out. We each got about 40 or 50 pieces of candy and a bunch of fingerling bananas.

We saw Clyde and Seymour with a totally different cast (but Tom the Pirate Mime, who is the best mime they've got, IMO). It is so bad it's good. Word must be spreadign about this one, because this time, the theatre was 80% full 20 minutes before show time.

There's a new show in the Nautilus Theatre, A'lure. Times didn't work in our favor today, but we'll report on it, once we've seen it.

When you say Bud, you said it all! (Though Shock Top is tops in our book.)
Seems that if we're with Bob and Maureen, we see the Clydesdales out in the park!

Mugging for Mom.

Pretty Bird, pretty bird! He was spooked by the number of people he saw and said not one word. Can't say that I blame him.

Tom the Pirate Mime in action. Seriously, the mime is the best part of Clyde and Seymour!
Several graduates from Bad Actors R Us. Then again, bad is good when it comes to this show! Hmmm, are they looking for an acting coach? Didn't find one!

No trip is complete without seeing the penguins! Chef wants to bring some puffins home, and tells me we can convert his room to the appropriate habitat! Son, the Lakeland electric bills make LIPA bills look cheap, I am NOT paying to keep a room at 30 degrees for puffins.
Construction on Manta is moving along nicely. We can't wait for this one to open! I got a bunch of great shots from the Sky Tower today, but this is the one I'm sure people want to see.

Shamu Rocks is pretty darn cool, if a little short. Seeing all the glow sticks in the stadium and the youngsters rocking it out to songs that were a hit when I was their age was cool!

This is the huge screen that the kids and I ended up on during the pre-show. First, Spawn Of Bob and Maureen (you both have to help me come up with a pseudonym!), who totally gave us a laugh at his excitement-Chef was seated behind him and mugged royally, and then Gameboy had to get his licks in. Then they got me during "I Love Rock and Roll" and Chef, Spawn and Gameboy all hammed it up.

I'm glad we did this on Saturday, because I think I need Sunday to recover-and I didn't even have a single beer!


glad you guys had fun!

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