Not Just Another Day For Me

I still want to pick up the phone and see what's cooking.

Sometimes, I see Steve Jerve on the news and think of your meteorologist crush. I go by a store you used to frequent and think fondly of the deals you scored and shared with others.

There should have been more time to hear your stories of when you were a kid and the stories of us kids. You were a great storyteller.

The older I get, the more I find that I am just like you. Instead of thinking that's bad, I realize just how good that is.

I wish you were here to celebrate so many more birthdays. You looked forward to each one with relish.

I miss you so very much.

I love you, Mom.


songbird said…
Sorry you're missing your mom so much. it must be difficult
Grandy said…

This was very touching, Suzanne.

Thank you for sharing it with us and giving us a peak on the inside.

Here's hoping for a good day for you.
Geggie said…
So sweet. Cheer to Mom!

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