Out of My Hands

The complete SSDI packet has been dropped off. Now, we wait.

I went above and beyond the application, making a list of ALL my doctors, a summary of all my health issues and surgeries and a list of all my employers for the past 15 years. It made sense to me to make it as easy as possible to give them everything in a legible, easy to read form, so that they could verify without having to track it down themselves.

What's scary is looking at a list of the fifteen chronic issues you deal with on a regular basis and then the list of surgeries you've had. I tend to compartmentalize what the heck is wrong with me-that list made it hard to do that! Holy Moly, I am more of a wreck than I realized! Ed went from toe to head, ticking off things when I knew I was missing stuff.

Gameboy's application process a few years ago has prepared me for one thing. If I get approved, it'll put me into a serious funk. When the government tells you "Heck Yeah, you're not well", it definitely puts you into a tail spin.

Now, I wait.


Grandy said…
Crossing my fingers and toes for you, Suzanne.
Joyce-Anne said…
I guess it's both good and bad...

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