Hi, my name is Suzanne and I'm a Blogaholic

Admitting it is one thing, curing the addiction is another matter entirely. Especially when I don't want to stop reading.

There is one thing that this addiction has done, and that is made my bookmarks woefully disorganized. I'll read a blog, like what I see and bookmark it to come back later. Alas, that doesn't always happen and then my folders are overstuffed with things that I'd probably really like but don't even have clue where to begin.

Then I end up spending a half hour sorting what I can into tidy, organized goodness, but still have stuff to sort. Always. For instance, my toolbar has a Blogs folder that has about a dozen of my "Do NOT skip reading these today" favorites:Major kudos to Ed for showing me how to do folders in my toolbar. Thanks, honey! You all don't want to know the mess that was my bookmarks before the man showed me the path to organized links!

When I started Blog365, there were so many new bloggers that merited checking on them more frequently, that I made them their own folder. See the lovely "Blog 365" folder? Ten months later it has evolved into something completely different. It's the holding pen of sorts for the newer blogs and the blogs I read frequently, but I don't check them daily (oh, and Ed's blogs, should he decide he's going to dive into the blogging waters once again). The list was long and cumbersome, but a little housekeeping also trimmed this down to something manageable.

My bookmarks themselves are a whole 'nother matter:

Recently, I had to spend a few hours at the local VW dealership and the rubble was my bookmarked got streamlined into this lovely long list while I waited for my car, since they didn't have WiFi access. Three hours was not enough time to fix this mess, folks.

Back in the day, it was easy to leave the blogs in amongst all the general tabs, because I probably read a dozen. Now there are about a dozen FOLDERS! Notice I don't tab "Humor" or "Mommy Bloggers". It's a given that these blogs are funny and well, having kids creates humor that doesn't require classifying mommy in deciding your tab. (You know the humor is universal when your friends who aren't parents read the bloggers with kids.)

The rest of the pile? It's either in Friends, Television Crap or here:
I counted almost ninety blogs in those folders. Somehow, I suspect that once I cull through the ones I don't read, there are still about 70 blogs in the regular reading rotation.

Yep, I'm a blogaholic. At least I admit it.


daysgoby said…

I'm amazed you don't use Bloglines, although it looks like you've got it under control...
Suzanne said…
LOL, you are not to be missed, woman!

I tried Bloglines a long time ago and didn't like it. There's something about the tactile of clicking on those sites all by myself, lol!

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