Damn, I Really Need to Get Treated For This

Let's see, in the past few weeks:

Realized that Gameboy had a doctor's appointment oh, TWENTY MINUTES before we needed to leave Lakeland. Got there with ten minutes to spare. That was two weeks ago

I had a job interview, but misplaced the information. I thought it was at 2pm, but when Ed and I were talking about it, he thought 10am. I deferred to his judgement and showed up at 10am. It was 2pm.

Freaked today at noon when I thought Gameboy's doctor's appointment was today, because they haven't called me with reminders in MONTHS. Called and found out it is tomorrow.

I had an appointment for Displaced Worker counseling. For some reason, I was thinking it was tomorrow. IT WAS TODAY! I missed it. Called and apologized profusely on the guy's voice mail, but I won't hear back until tomorrow. Oy, that gets me into job training, too.

The ADHD has been manageable until the leg issues caused insomnia and pain. Hard to focus on anything else when you're trying to focus on tuning out the pain. I've noticed it got worse when I started the last job and since I lost the job? I can't keep anything straight.

This really sucks.

First order of business when I've got some sort of health insurance is to go see a doctor. I've done the online ADHD profiles and filled out enough Connor's Scales for my own kids-I definitely have it. Now, to get medication, because self treatment by hyperfocusing isn't cutting it anymore!


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