A Good Day Fishing

Ed and Chef across the lake.

Gameboy came out to the car from Scout meeting on Tuesday night "I volunteered to work the Fishing Derby on Saturday." The same derby I hadn't signed Chef up to participate in! I was happy that my son is starting to take initiative and seek out the community service on his own, but worried that his brother would be disappointed.

Not to worry. An email later, the Scoutmaster informed me that there had been a vacant slot-so one would play and the other would earn his service time towards ranks.

The fish were biting, so the time breezed by. The leader who coordinates this activity has taken a shine to Gameboy (he's a very nice, grandfatherly type who seems to know just what to ask Gameboy to do that is within his abilities). I'd given him my cell phone number and let him know we'd be on the other side of the lake. Alas, he forgot to save it his phone.

There wasn't that much for Gameboy to do, so the last 45 minutes, he came over to fish with Chef. Who was doing very well today. He caught three fish!
Fish number one, who jumped off the hook and onto the ground.
Fish two, who was a little easier to get in hand.
Our proud angler
Both boys fishing. Gameboy didn't want to use worms, despite the fact that no one had caught anything with lures and Chef had given a lot of fish a worm breakfast without snagging them on the line. If you look above Chef's rod, to the left of his head, there's a gator in the water. He kept going after and consuming bobbers. At one point, Chef made a really good 50-60 foot cast-right at the gator. Oops. Fortunately, he didn't lose the worm or bobber to the gator.
Fish number three.

It was a fun morning. Now I want a nap!


Sounds like a good day of fishing!

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