What's For Dinner Wednesday

Growing up, mexican food was consumed on nights that Mom wasn't home. We kids all loved the tacos. When Chi Chi's opened nearby when I was a teen, it became another restaurant on Dad's rotation. Thankfully, he took Giggles and I (favorite was Pollo Magnifico and a Mexican salad, yum). Most of the time, if I was making Mexican food, it was on my own.

Thanks to a friend back then, I got turned on to a less messy way to enjoy tacos, the taco salad. I loved that you could pile on tons of cheese, salsa and sour cream and not worry about it not fitting into the shell!

Nowadays, the taco salad is the perfect solution when we want Mexican food at home. I can have tomatoes, Ed can leave them off, and the boys can put what they feel like on them. Gameboy is a minimalist with meat, cheese and crushed tortilla chips. Chef has a heavy hand with the Cholula, then debates whether he's using sour cream or lettuce. The only thing you won't find in our Mexican food-olives. (Ed's perfect taco salad contains Chili, but he's out of luck right now, that's next week!)

It looks pretty when you assemble this one, but to get the best flavor, you have to mix it into something really sloppy looking. That's okay, it tasted darn good. Now, I have to keep myself from taking the remainders I've saved for Ed to make a second bowl. It's tough to resist, but the evidence is right here.


Grandy said…
Ohhh...It looks yummy indeed. :)

Thank you for sharing. I forget about taco salads, and yet they're so easy to make.
Joyce-Anne said…
My kids won't eat taco shells, so I borrowed your idea and use tortilla chips--they devour them (and the meat too).

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