It's Still There

**picture taken on flannel body pillow that is the only thing that doesn't set the nerves into overdrive.**

For a long time, you couldn't swing a dead cat around this blog without finding a post about My Stupid Leg (trademark pending). Lately, there haven't been many posts, but the leg is still here. I haven't cut it off, nor have I replaced it. So, what is the deal with my leg? Did it run away on its own, to join a band of gummy legs?

The truth is that there is one plus of being unemployed, and that is the leg has improved. The picture above shows how much better it *looks*. Yeah, I know, it's scary looking to you. However, Chef looked at it yesterday morning and commented that it's the best he remembers seeing it. Considering his memory skills-that's the truth. Ed's comment, after seeing a picture from last October (because I thought I put the new picture in the My Stupid Leg folder) is "Look, you don't have cankles anymore!)

The appearance is better, but the RSD is not. The burning, stabbing sensations that I equated to Vern Troyer stabbing my ankle have settled down to sporadic events. Instead, someone is stabbing the inside of my toe that had surgery years ago. This seems to occur when I'm out and about, though, so I usually can find something to distract me.

The painful pins and needles are now a constant companion. (how sad is it that I first typed compainion?) Toe to knee on the front of my leg feel like your foot probably does when it falls asleep. Perhaps the fact that I'm not moving as much is affecting that.

Ultimately, I think I can deal with that better than the stabbing that Vern used to do constantly.


Grandy said…
Crap! You still battling this??
Suzanne said…
Unfortunately, it'll never go away.

How about you? Another go round in the surgical suite-you be careful, lady!
ligirl said…
Wow. That really LOOKS better. Just wishing that the RSD would abate for you now...
Grandy said…
Ah...don't worry about me. Me and the crazy nurse go WAY back. ;)

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