I have been offered a part time job. No bennies, but a good, solid job. As a condition of employment, I had to have a physical and drug test.

During the physical, the doctor and I discussed the RSD and vascular issues. They aren't a big deal, but enough of a concern that he wanted notes from the doctors treating those two issues stating my limitations. I told him that they'll probably limit me to not standing more than six to eight hours a day and wearing Crocs. Based on the job, neither will be an issue. Even if it were full time, these conditions would easily be met.

I called Nurse M and she faxed off a letter lickety split. She even asked me what I would be doing and what do I need the note to say. They've already received it.

Now, onto Dr. K, the RSD doctor. He left the group I was seeing him at last year and I haven't seen him since. It makes no sense to see a doctor when you cannot get your insurance to sign off on covering the co-payment on the surgery they'd like to do ($500 deductible, ouch). It'd be spinning wheels and wasting his time and my money to go in for an office visit.

I called his new office, explained what I needed and the office manager politely declined and suggested I call the old practice. When he left the old practice, he was not allowed to bring patient records with him. (and when I have money, someday, I will pay for those records to be sent to me). I call the old (rather large) practice and after speaking to five people, I finally get Neurology-and promptly get shut down.

No other doctor in the Neurology department ever saw me, so they won't sign off on anything, due to liability concerns. The lady sends me back to Dr. K's group, since he's the one who saw me. So, I call back-and get voice mail. I summarize what is going on and that I can't start a job until *someone* gives me a release for the RSD. It makes the most sense for Dr. K to do this, since he saw me. Honestly, I don't have 20 bucks for a co pay, let alone $200 for an initial consult with a Neurologist right now!

I call the doctor's office that did the physical to explain my situation. The nurse tells me they've got Nurse M's letter already, but she puts me on hold. Dr. E says that Nurse M's letter is great, explains limitations (let's see, no standing more than 6 hours and she must wear Crocs, right?) but he will not sign off on me taking the job until he gets a letter from someone about the RSD.

I want this job. It'd be cool to do-and it's something I enjoy. After all the rejections in applying for stuff, it'd be nice to make a move to something slightly different.

It's understandable why they want the release, but darn frustrating that I can't get one. I could have every other doctor that has ever treated me send them a letter, but that wouldn't be enough. It's got to be from THIS doctor.

Meanwhile, I can see unemployment giving me a hard time that I've been offered a job, but haven't taken it!


ligirl said…
Hey, Hon...I don't have $200.00 for an initial consult, but I can send you $20.00 bucks for a co-pay if it would help...just say the word and the check is on it's way. How much would it cost to get your medical records...would THAT help at all? That couldn't possibly be THAT much...try to find out and let me know, I'm sure I can scare up a few bucks to loan you for that!
ligirl said…
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Suzanne said…
Donna, no, I was using that as an example. No insurance right now, so I'd be footing the entire bill. I was just saying that if I *had* insurance, I still wouldn't have the money...
Dee said…
Ack, what a mess! The politics involved are so unnecessary, I'm sorry you're getting stuck in the middle. I hope it works well, and congratulations on the job offer!

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