Eulogy For A Kitchen Gadget

Alas, poor Grater I knew it well. A fellow of infinite
cheese, of most excellent minced onions. It hath bore me on his back a
thousand times lots of cheese, potatoes and veggies, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination it is!

Alas, we have looked at the box style graters several times in the past year, and each time, said "Yea, but we have a fine model at home. One that serves us without complaint." And lo, we pass by the kitchen gadget aisle with nay but an empty cart.

Sleep well, my friend.


ligirl said…
My condolences. I have enjoyed many a fine meal thanks to its (and its operators, of course)tireless efforts. RIP
daysgoby said…
Oh, and he was a beauty... sad.
Geggie said…

I do prefer a paddle grater to a box grater, I must say. So you can grate over stuff, directly into a bowl or pot, which is harder with a box grater.

I have a paddle that can be attached to a container, it's cool. Kinda like this...

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