Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

No Thanks, I'll Pass

While there isn't much that is musical that I won't listen to, today, I'll cop to the stuff I don't like.

A long time ago, I would have told you I can't stand opera. Love me my choral music, but opera was a whole different animal. However, as time has gone on, I've found more and more of it that I will enjoy.

Rap. I like the early, old school stuff, like "Rappers Delight" and "The Show" and some Run DMC. However, what is out there today is not pleasing to the ear, IMO. I'd much rather the silence, thanks.

There is one thing that makes me turn off the radio lickety split and that is WHINY singers. For years, I couldn't pinpoint why I detested Guns and Roses or Bon Jovi, when many of my peers adored them. Finally, it dawned on me that both Axl Rose and Jon Bongiovi both have whiny singing voices. It's almost like listening to Veruka Salt sing!

Some others that drive me nuts:
Michael Bolton
Celine Dion (oh man, does her voice hurt my head)
Don Henley
Alicia Keys (that No One song drove me nuts at a recent job-nearly made my ears bleed)
ETA: Aaron Tippin

There are a few more, but its a safe bet that if they're whining, I won't like it.

What about you, which artists make you turn the radio off?


Grandy said…
I have to agree with most of your list.
ligirl said…
Agree with your list! But SO many others...Kate Bush and Tori Amos (UGH!!!!! Sorry guys, I know you love Kate, but I just don't get it) REO Speedwagon, Five for Fighting, there are others that just escape me now...if I think of any more that make me want to hack my ears off, as the above four do, I will post again!
Joyce-Anne said…
Believe it or not, I can't stand Avril Lavigne. I tolerate the Miley/Hannah Montana crap (oops I mean stuff) for my daughter's sake.
Anonymous said…
Shania Twain ....

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