What's For Dinner Wednesday

Since I've been home nearly every night, there's one thing the kids were used to enjoying a couple nights a week that they hardly eat: Pasta. I do make it, but not enough for their liking, apparently.

Last night, Chef Jr. asked for tonight's dinner. He said he wanted Ravioli in 'that Asiago Cheese Sauce" that I used to make Pasta Asiago last month. Thanks, Chef, you just came up with the world's easiest dinner for tonight.

A bag of ravioli, salad and a frozen loaf of garlic bread came out of the fridge. I spent a couple of minutes grating Asiago and making the cheese sauce. (Note: if you make an alfredo sauce but substitute Asiago, don't add any salt-it's pretty salty to begin with.)

I'll keep that one tucked in reserve for the days I don't feel like spending a lot of time making dinner!


You now have to explain yourself.

WHY WASN'T I INVITED? That looks good!
Shannon said…
Oh yum that looks really delicious. I LOVE pasta. I could eat everyday. Hubby is gone on business so I did something I NEVER do. I ordered Chinese delivery. OMG it is divine. Like Heaven.
Suzanne said…
Kim, open invitation. Same for you Shannon! Wednesday is when you see new foods (and future Tasty Thursday contenders!)

Kim, we're going to give Shannon grief now-she ordered Chinese and didn't tell us!

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