The Purge

We're coming up on a year in this house. As a result, our landlord asked if we wanted to go month to month or sign a new one year lease. It's my preference to have a one year lease and he agrees. As such, he's going to do the annual inspection later this week.

Aaaacccckkk! This place is barely unpacked. Friends can tell you, we have boxes everywhere, the garage is full and we even have stuff stored in Bob and Maureen's garage. We lost 800 square feet, two rooms and a whole bunch of closet space when we moved into this house.

So, the cleaning begins. The kids can do their rooms and their bathroom is in good shape. The kitchen is pretty good too. My bedroom is loaded down with boxes, as are the family room and living room. My bathroom has quite a few boxes and that's where I'm starting.

As a result of two tours with Bath and Body Works, I have an over abundance of toiletries. The 40% discount didn't really sucker me in to the sister stores, but man, if there was a limited edition scent and I liked it, I stockpiled. Seriously stockpiled.

For example, in spring of 1998, we had three "Light Scents" that came out in time for Mother's day: Morning Mist, Pure Sunshine and a pink one that I don't remember. I was in LOVE with the Morning Mist. So much so that I bought about 20 bottles of the body splash. Here we are, nearly 11 years later and I still have 5 bottles of the stuff. Yes, I use it a lot, but I also would pick up other body splashes that I liked along the way. (oh, and Pure Sunshine, the most popular of the three? You now know it as "Moonlight Path." I know because I had both for a while)

As if that wasn't enough, my love of citrus scents meant that I stocked up on Strawberry Lemonade and Limelight. Not to the degree of the limited edition, but enough to make moving a bathroom interesting.

Today, I called Salvation Army and asked if they had use for these body splashes and lotions that are just taking up space. The answer I got was "THANK YOU!" They do care packages and like to give the women something nice in them. So, along with the clothing I am culling out, they're getting a couple dozen bottles of nice smelling sprays and lotions.

Now, if I could only find a home for the partially burned candles. Or get my hands on some matches so I can start burning them!

I'll upload a picture later so you can see how much crap I've stockpiled.


you have my sympathies.

and I know what I'm going to blog about tonight. come by later to see what you inspired.
Suzanne said…
As Vezzini would say, "I'm waiting." LOL!

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