It Seems To Have Disappeared

It sucks when you're a kid with food dye allergies. All the cool foods are laden with dyes: Pop Tarts, Trix Cereal, Mountain Dew, Fruit Roll Ups, Popsicles and many more are off limits. Gameboy handles it well for the most part, only occasionally giving in to the temptation of dyed treats. For his sake, we keep items with dye out of the house (save for Chef's Halloween haul each year and an occasional bag of Crunch Berries cereal.)

You notice I didn't list Kool Aid in the Verboten items? That's because for a long time, we had the coolest of the Kool, thanks to one of my friends. Several years back, when we first moved to Florida, my friend Liz (who is most definitely in touch with her inner child) called me, very excited. She found Gameboy INVISIBLE Kool Aid!

Liz was of the mind that no child should be deprived of the sugar laden and artificially flavored beverage. She is right-and she sent a care package to Gameboy that had two dozen packages of Raspberry, Cherry and Grape Invisible Kool Aid.

For the past four plus years, we've been happy to provide our son with something that he enjoys-a clear beverage that isn't water. We'd stockpile when it went on sale. After that first year, all we could find in the stores was Watermelon-Kiwi and Cherry and the rare packets of Grape. (Bummer, I really liked the Raspberry). I'm sure the cashiers at Winn Dixie and Sweetbay thought we were weird when we'd buy 20 or 30 of just invisible when it went on sale 10 for a buck!

They even made Cherry and Grape in the variety that already has the sugar proportioned. However, I tend to use half the recommended sugar, so I only grabbed those if we were camping or wanted a grape fix. In fact, every camping trip since has featured a gallon of Cherry and a gallon of Watermelon-Kiwi. That's because we had the stockpile:.

Last summer, I even shared the boy's travails of making their own Kool Aid for the first time. It was funny, but looking back, that's the last time I have seen anything but the Watermelon-Kiwi in the stores. This is a bummer, because Chef Jr is the one who loves that flavor, Gameboy likes the other three.

A couple of nights ago, Gameboy asked to make some Kool Aid (he knows the right way now!) and when we opened the jar, all we had was two packets of Grape and about a dozen of the Watermelon-Kiwi. I remembered that Amazon grocery had Invisible Kool Aid, and off I went to order more packets.

I found the only flavor that can be ordered is the Watermelon-Kiwi. Everything else has the 'click here to be notified when this item is available'. Crap! That means it's not being made. Quickly, I went Googling. The only place I found anything in stock other than that flavor was eBay-48 bucks for 48 packets of Grape.

An email has been sent to Kraft Foods. Two years ago, I sent them an email, thanking them for making a product that my son could enjoy. Alas, it looks like that run of having one of those treats of childhood has ended.

Can you do us a favor? In your travels, if you see any other flavor, let me know where you saw it? I'll call whatever stores and order out their supplies and fill the jar back up!


ligirl said…
I love a challenge! I am on it! Send Gameboy my love!
Suzanne said…
Donna, see the update. Mickey's belly is getting full of packets of artificial flavor, lol!

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