Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Trivia Time!

Yesterday, we experienced the Carillon concert at Bok Tower Gardens. The recital was a mixture of patriotic tunes, songs playing homage to Florida, a few classical compositions and this one:

Since I've heard it, I could swear that it was used as a theme song for a TV show in the mid-60's. For some reason, I was thinking it was "Please Don't Eat the Daisies", but it's not.

Anyone have the answer to this one?


Bob said…
I believe it's called "In an English Country Garden." I don't recall it as a theme, but I did hear it on a tv show, which one?
I can't remember, I will later when I'm not thinking about it.
Suzanne said…
I forgot that the embedded links don't show the title. Yes, It's Country Garden, composed by Percy Grainger. (though I kept thinking Farley Granger, my Broadway roots are showing!)

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